What If:

   ... you got a sizeable legacy?

   ... your relative got the legacy, and you didn't?

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Fantasy come true?  Only for the very few.  For most people it's a relationship disaster.  Fear of poverty, fear of success, jealousy, low self-esteem -- a windfall can bring all sorts of hidden issues out of the woodwork.


The result?   That newfound fortune can vanish like smoke -- taking your relationship along with it.


You never know when riches may strike.  Arm yourself in advance with answers to make-or-break questions that arise when you come into money...  and improve your life today in the process.  

Windfall!! Taming the Jealousy Monster is the epic story of a woman who's been there: love, wealth, betrayal, sex, revenge,

bankruptcy, self-discovery... and priceless advice to help you

avoid getting blind sided by the dark side of sudden wealth. 


Written by award-winning speaker, Rosanna E. Tufts, M.M.

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